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podgrep: Memorable and useful alias to find Kubernetes Pods

When working with Kubernetes, you’ll often want to find a specific Pod using part of the name or even a regular expression. For this, I keep a handy alias in my bash profile:  podgrep. Simple, effective and has a very memorable name.

alias podgrep='kubectl get pods -o wide --all-namespaces | grep '

To find a pod, you then run: podgrep fluent

You can also use regular expressions, like podgrep 'fluent[cd]'

Or list all pods except the ones matching the pattern: podgrep -v fluent

Test-driven Infrastructure with Puppet, Docker, Test Kitchen and Serverspec – Yury Tsarev, GoodData

Notes from a talk at LinuxCon/ContainerCon Europe 2016. Yury Tsarev is  QA Architect at GoodData. They offer a business intelligence platform running on several datacenters, thousands of VMs and hundreds of physical servers. They use Puppet and OpenStack at the lowest level. This talk is about testing configuration management code, not application deployment. The Puppet code […]

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