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The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

On Cairnarvon’s blog, I have found an interesting interview with Richard Feynman (who died in 1988), the particle physicist and nobel laureate you surely know. It’s hosted on Youtube in 5×10 min parts. I found it a very worthwile interview with a relaxed, contemplative and joyful Feynman. I’ll quote the interview description for your convenience:

Richard P. Feynman (1918-1988), scientist, teacher, raconteur, and

musician. He assisted in the development of the atomic bomb, expanded

the understanding of quantum electrodynamics, translated Mayan

hieroglyphics, and cut to the heart of the Challenger disaster. But

beyond all of that, Richard Feynman was a unique and multi-faceted



1981 and will delight and inspire anyone who would like to share

something of the joys of scientific discovery. Feynman is a master

storyteller, and his tales — about childhood, Los Alamos and the Bomb,

or how he won a Nobel Prize — are a vivid and entertaining insight

into the mind of a great scientist at work and play.

Here’s the link to the first part.

On a sidenote, I really enjoy the advancement of online video made in the recent years. In the old days, when bulletin board systems were the state of the art, I could never have imagined myself sitting in front of a desktop computer watching highly interesting interviews, discussions, debates, documentaries or even whole lectures by famous scientists, politicians or other people of importance. If you use it the right way, the world wide web is really a gift for the inquiring mind.