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Learning VIM, again

I remember trying to learn how to use vim in my early teens. The first basic steps are easy: navigating, saving and quitting I could quickly pick up. Then I was stuck and gradually moved over to joe. I need to somewhat shamefully admit that until recently, my editor of choice was nano. But then, a co-worker of mine suggested I pick vim up again and I gave it a try. I have to admit, once you learn some of the more intermediate short-cuts, you begin to feel the power of this robust and long around software.

Without a tutorial of some sorts, vim is hard to learn. I was very happy to stumble upon VIM Adventures. It is a brilliant game and an excellent vim introduction at the same time. The ten dollars were well invested!


Increasingly, I miss having the easy but powerful commands available in my other editors. I switched from my evaluation copy of Sublime to vim-gtk and installed the IdeaVIM plugin to have a (limited) vim environment in my development environment.