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NewsBlur with refreshing design update

I’ve been using NewsBlur as an alternative to Google Reader in the past 3 months. So far, I’ve been quite pleased with the experience. The Android app still has its problems with syncing my read articles but I have a feeling that this will be fixed in future upgrades. The web application offers many keyboard shortcuts which allows me to browse through new posts very smoothly. The 36$ I spent for a two-year premium subscription have so far proven to be worth it. And did I mention that it was open-source and written in Django and node.js? Anyhow, the web app has undergone a design update today which gave me the reason to write this post. Trying to no let this blog die…


An interesting feature is shared stories which will appear in one’s personal “blurblog”: It even comes with an RSS feed, so if you would like to follow my shared stories, add this feed to your reader. Or subscribe to me on NewsBlur once you switched ;-)