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Technical meet-ups in Zurich

Together with Stefanie, a co-worker of mine, I kicked off a bi-monthly informal gathering over lunch. The aim is to geek out a bit and discuss things that are far away from daily business (or a new angle on an aspect of our work). Thomas held such a “Breeze In” last week and he gave us an overview over the current regular meetings about technical topics in the Zurich area. As I am moving to Zurich I was interested in opportunities to listen to interesting talk and meet new people. I took his slide with the overview and searched for the links. Here it is, for your (and mine) convenience.


zhgeeks –

WebTuesday –

Big Data Developers Zurich –

Swiss Big Data –

Coders Only | Zurich –

Java Users Group –

Zurich Erlang User Group –


HaskellerZ –

JSZurich –

Swiss OpenStack user group –

Zurich .NET Developers –

Zurich Python User Group –


WebMonday –

gamespace lab, Zurich Game Developers –

IOT/ZH – Internet of Things –

Creative Mornings Zurich –

PanTalks (Panter AG) –


Mozilla Meetup Switzerland –

Zurich Scala Enthusiasts –

Zurich Semantic Web Meetup  –